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Flat Employee ID Lanyard

Flat Employee ID Lanyards with Various Attachments

Choose from one of the above Nickel Plated Steel Swivel Hooks, Bulldog Clips or Split Rings as the end attachment. Or if you have another attachment requirement, give us a call.

When employees get together for breaks and other occasions, it is easier to identify co-workers when they have proper identification. This way, someone is not likely to forget a name, and people can openly communicate on a first name basis. Just the fact that someone remembers your name, is enough to instill good will and raise moral among the employees.

Perhaps you have a large company or corporate event coming up. It could be a charity event or anything that the company chooses to promote. Everyone in the organization can receive a constant reminder when with promo items. Custom printed flat neck lanyards can be an excellent way to promote your event. They are very inexpensive and you can order enough for everyone and not have to worry about exceeding your budget.

There are many good reasons to consider custom printed flat ID lanyards for your organization. Because they are smooth and flat, they are excellent for printing messages. You can enjoy increased security and more effective promotions. It is also a cost effective way to enhance communications between employees.

For entire section of lanyards, go to our: Lanyards page.

"Some items can be ordered in quantities of 50s - For more information call our sales office"

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 2135-351x,  Nylon Flat Braided With Nickel Plated Steel Swivel Hook

Our best seller and most economical, 3/8'' width, 36" length.

Packaged in 100 pc. quantities.

Quantity 100 - 299 300 - 499 500 - 999 1000 - 1499 1500 +
Price $.36 $.33 $.32 $.30 $.29


2135-3501 Black

2135-3508 White

2135-3502 Royal Blue

2135-3509 Yellow
2135-3503 Navy Blue

2135-3513 Purple

2135-3504 Medium Green 2135-3514 Hunter Green
2135-3505 Orange 2135-3516 Teal
2135-3506 Red   2135-3517 Maroon

 2135-355x,  Nylon Flat Braided With Nickel Plated Steel Bulldog Clip

3/8'' width, 36" length. Packaged in 100 pc. quantities.

Quantity 100 - 299 300 - 499 500 - 999 1000 - 1499 1500 +
Price $.36 $.33 $.32 $.30 $.29


2135-3551 Black

2135-3558 White

2135-3552 Royal Blue

2135-3559 Yellow
2135-3553 Navy Blue

2135-3563 Purple

2135-3554 Medium Green 2135-3564 Hunter Green
2135-3555 Orange 2135-3566 Teal
2135-3556 Red   2135-3567 Maroon

 2135-365x,  Nylon Flat Braided With Nickel Plated Steel Split Ring

3/8'' width, 36" length. Packaged in 100 pc. quantities.

Quantity 100 - 299 300 - 499 500 - 999 1000 - 1499 1500 +
Price $.36 $.33 $.32 $.30 $.29


2135-3651 Black

2135-3658 White

2135-3652 Royal Blue

2135-3659 Yellow
2135-3653 Navy Blue

2135-3663 Purple

2135-3654 Medium Green 2135-3664 Hunter Green
2135-3655 Orange 2135-3666 Teal
2135-3656 Red   2135-3667 Maroon

Lanyards are becoming very popular these days. Many business, organizations, and corporations are using them for a variety of reasons. When you decide to go with a flat employee ID lanyard you will not regret it, and perhaps one of the best reasons to choose flat lanyards is the ability to customize. There are many benefits you will receive with customized lanyards.

Identification is important in most businesses today. You want to make sure that everyone recognizes your employees and can identify them by name. This is important for just about every kind of business, and especially if your workers meet the public every day.

Pricing for Custom Printed Lanyards

Besides being able to custom your Flat Employee Id Lanyard,

 here are some of the other Lanyards that we offer!


  • Flat Blank Neck Lanyards
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  • Flat Employee ID Lanyard
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  • Flat Lanyards with Bulldog Clip
  • Flat Lanyards with Keyring
  • Flat Employee ID Lanyards
  • Flat Neck Lanyard
  • Flat ID Lanyard
  • Custom Flat Lanyards

We stock many different types of Neck Lanyards to meet your needs. Be sure to check them out below.

See our full selection here: Neck Lanyards

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Many badge supplies are available in large quantities at lower costs by importing. Some items can be custom made or printed to exact specifications. Call for delivery times and quote.