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Rigid ID Card Holder Shielding Prevents Identity Theft

Smart Card Plastic Card Holder, Smart Card Holder

Smart Card Plastic Card Holder - Plastic ID Card Holder used for a Smartcard. Vertical Clear Plastic, PVC Open Face Badge Holders that can be used for a Mifair Smart Card Holder.

Featuring the new Cardprotectors rigid shielded RFID blocking 2-Card ID Card Holder that protects personal information for up to 2 credit or debit cards with an insert size of a credit card. Protect your cards with a PVC Clear Rigid Plastic Card Holder today.

Protection for 3.56 Mhz Rfid technology cards, including Mifare, Iclass, Piv, Cac, Twic and Frac cards. A TWIC Card/CAIC Plastic ID Card Holder is gaining popularity. A lot of Government agencies now require the TWIC and CAIC cards be carried in special holders that have a security feature that keeps information on the card from being phished or scanned.

Today there are over 200 million credit cards that feature  RFID technology, and criminals use this technology by stealing private information with easily obtainable antennas to acquire your personal information.

This RFID Blocking 2-Smart Card Holder offers a preventative measure by not allowing the card to be read unless it is removed from the card holder.

Open Face Rigid Badge Holders or Smartcard plastic Card Holder help protect your ID badges from wear and tear and reduce the need for replacement due to damage.

This shielded, Rigid ID Card Holder is not only recommended, but even required for many US Government agencies, and private entities, for any ID card using RFID technology.

A wide variety of professional name badges and corresponding badge holders perfect for any setting, corporate, medical, or security. Our ID Card Holder comes in a variety of sizes, colors.

If you're looking for a Mifare Rigid Badge Holder, a Smart Card Holder, an Open Face Rigid Card Holder or any ID Card Holder, be sure to check out our selection of the ID Vertical Badge Holder of your choice.

See Our Selection of Rigid Badge Holders below:

  • Smartcard Plastic Card Holder

  • Smart Card Holder

  • Identification Card Holder

  • Rigid ID Card Holder

  • Plastic ID Card Holder

  • ID Vertical Badge Holder

  • Mifare Rigid Badge Holder

  • Open Face Rigid Badge Holder

  • PVC Clear Rigid Plastic Card Holder

To see go to: Rigid Badge Holders

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