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Badge Holders

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Badge Clips

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Badge Clips

Badge Clips

Call 800-203-4255, Badge Clips that are durable, colorful, long-lasting excellent quality badge supplies.

Clear Vinyl Badge Clips

These plastic badge clips are the most popular in the industry. Made of clear heavy vinyl plastic and priced low as .0485 each in quantity.

Mylar Badge Clips

This badge clip has long been a favorite of many corporations. Mylar badge clips with frosted, semi rigid strap. Priced .0718 cents in quantity.

Color Vinyl Badge Clips

These color vinyl badge clips work great for corporations wanting to visually identify different divisions, departments, titles, duties, access categories. Many bright vivid colors available.

Plastic Badge Clips

This Delrin plastic badge clip contains no metal. Works great for those needing clips for that special need where electrical conductivity is a problem.


Reinforced Badge Clips

Vinyl reinforced badge clips are made from opaque filament reinforced vinyl and are stronger than other clips. Recommended where extra wear and tear is normal.

Earth Friendly Badge Clips

Our most popular clip now in an environmentally safe material, that is 100% recyclable, these clips dont contain any material that can harm our environment.


Employee Clear Plastic Badge Clip Identification

Clear Plastic ID Badge Clip for Employee Identification. These Vinyl Clips are employer favorites for most Badge Holders. High Quality with Same Day Shipping.

Clear Plastic Employee Identification Badge Clip

The Delrin badge clip is an all plastic clip, vinyl strap clips have a metal snap, 2 hole clip is the most popular great for work employee or student functions.

ID Clips for Badges

Low Cost, Clear Plastic ID Badge Clip work well for Employee Identification and security purposes. These ID Clips are employer favorites for most Badge Holders.

Plastic Badge Clips for ID Cards

These low cost Plastic Badge Clips for ID cards are great for Employee Identification and security. Featuring a 2 hole metal clip either smooth or knurled.

Clear Plastic Employee Clips

Clear Plastic Employee ID Badge Clips for a worker identification clip for an employer needing a fast shipment. Available in an Earth Friendly, vinyl strap with a metal 2-hole clip.

Plastic badge clip for id cards, security badge clips
The 2 hole bulldog badge clip are the most popular ,with a choice of high quality durable Mylar, or clear vinyl, also eco-friendly clips, great for employee identification cards.

Id Clips, Badge Clips For Employer Identification Badge
Delrin clips is an all plastic clip great for hospitals, be sure to not forget about the all popular 2 hole in a pin clip combo for employer access identification badges

Clips for Badge Holders, Name Badge Clip, Badge Clip
Security badge clips just the right thing to keep those id cards visible, the all plastic clips work great in hospitals for employee identification, durable long lasting.

Plastic Clips for ID Cards
These low cost Plastic Badge Clips for ID cards are great for Employee Identification and security. Featuring a 2 hole metal clip either smooth or knurled.

Thermal Printers

Eltron Thermal Printers

Eltron Thermal Printers provide cost effective short runs on plastic cards. Single or full process color, names, titles, or numbers in seconds from your computer.

Fargo Thermal Printers

Fargo Thermal Printers print on blank plastic cards with single or beautiful full process color. Photo ID badges, employee identification badges, visitor badges and more.


Metal Tags

Metal Tags

Metal tags for product identification in a variety of industrial or military applications. Materials: aluminum, anodized aluminum, stainless steel or brass. Embossing available: 5/32

Military Dog Tags

Dog tags military style are dull finish stainless steel featuring round edges for protection against cuts. Used for industrial purposes to mark equipment, products or valves.

Rectangular Metal Tags

Rectangular Metal Tags designed for product identification for industrial uses. Available in aluminum, stainless steel, brass and anodized aluminum. Works with auto-feed metal embossers.

Round Metal Tags

Round Metal Tags used in product identification in a variety of industrial uses Available in aluminum, stainless steel, brass or anodized aluminum in many colors.

Metal Tag Embossing Pricing

Metal tag printing pricing for metal embossing with approximation of cost for embossing on metal tags. Embossing 5/32 lettering similar to name, account number on credit cards.

Mill Finish Aluminum Tags

Offering a variety of Aluminum metal plates and tags for tagging and identification needs for various industries.

Military Shaped Flat Metal Tags

Military Dog Tags used by the military are manufactured using dull finish stainless steel. Edges have rounded edges to protect against cuts. Military dog tags are also available in bright stainless steel or brass finish with rolled edges.

Octagonal Metal Tags

Octagon Metal tags used for product identification in a variety of industrial uses. #75 Octagonal, these flat Octagonal Metal Tags are available in Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass, Galvanized Steel, Tinplated and Anodized Aluminum.

Strip and Cable Metal Tags

Metal Cable and Strip Tags are available with holes or slots for easy application to various products. These Strip and Cable Metal Tags are available as single tags or as scored break away tags in 2 up, 3 up, 4 up versions.


Blank Cards, Printing

PVC Plastic Cards

Pvc Plastic cards, Blank graphic quality cards used in Eltron, Fargo and other plastic card dye sublimation thermal printers. Printed plastic cards ranging from .010 to .030.

Blank Plastic Cards

Blank plastic cards graphic quality, in assortment of colors in sizes from .010 to .030. Cards for use in Eltron, Fargo or other thermal printers.

Service Bureau for Plastic Cards

Cards printed and shipped within 24 to 48 hours. Great low cost alternative for small quantity plastic cards with one or two color imprint.

Printed Plastic Cards

Printed laminated plastic cards are the most popular method for card printing when larger quantities are needed or fine screens required for full process color.

Silk Screened Plastic Cards

Silk screened and foil stamped plastic cards for short runs or runs without fine halftones.

Short Run Litho Plastic Cards

Short run litho cards, for fewer than 500 cards we offer short run litho.

Non Graphic Plastic Cards

non graphic cards in assortment of colors ranging from .010 to .030. Options include signature panels, magnetic stripes, cutouts, notches, special wrapping or holes.

Blank White Credit Cards

Blank White Credit Cards that are of Graphic Quality that will work in many different Thermal Printers such as Fargo, Datacard, Zebra, CIM or other dye sublimation thermal card printers on the market today.

Standard Plastic ID Cards

Standard Plastic ID Cards. Need a Blank Magnetic Hi Co Card for 2750 or 4000 OE used in Thermal Printer? How about PVC Vinyl White or Colored Blank Cards used for an ID Badge?

Hi Co Card

Hi Co Card in White or colored Cards. Order 4000, 2750 or Lo Co 300 Magnetic Stripe Cards. Blank White or Color Plastic shrunk wrapped and boxed in 500 lots. This will work in any Die Sublimation Thermal Printer and are great for an ID Badge where security is needed.

Blank White PVC ID Cards

Blank White Credit Cards that are of Graphic Quality that will work in many different Thermal Printers such as Fargo, Datacard, Zebra, CIM or other dye sublimation thermal card printers on the market today.

Color Plastic Cards

Blank Hi-Co vinyl card are great to use in many applications such as coffee shop cards, membership card, school id card, photo id card, security id cards, and much more.

Blank Credit Cards
Blank Credit Cards, Graphic Quality, White Blank PVC Plastic - CR 80 Size Cards that are 12 to 30 mil Thickness. These are Credit Card Sized Blank Cards.

Card Printer Cards
Card Printer Cards, Lo Co or Hi Co Magnetic Stripe Cards for Zebra, Fargo and most Plastic Card Thermal Printers that print PVC Plastic ID Cards.

Short Run Plastic Business Cards

Most cards printed and shipped same day or 24 hours if in by 2 p.m. A great low cost alternative for small quantity plastic cards with 1 or 2 color imprint.

Custom Gift Cards

Custom gift cards are everywhere you shop making it easier for the customer to shop at your store or business

Custom Plastic Gift Cards

Custom plastic gift cards with your logo and art work can act as a mini billboard in a wallet or purse.

Custom Thermal Printed Cards

You can have custom thermal printed cards for relatively low cost

Thermal Printed Plastic Card Service Bureau

Thermal printed plastic cards are for all types cards such as vip membership cards, trade show cards

Access Cards

The use of access cards is predominantly everywhere, all types of businesses, corporations, hospitals, government facilities

Fast Thermal Plastic Business Cards

You can have your thermal printed card printing done right here at Compucard Inc

Plastic Membership Cards

Plastic membership cards consist of a magstrip or barcode that can be loaded with your customers information

Short Run Everything Plastic Business Cards

Custom short run key tags are a goo alternative to full size gift cards, key tags are just a as the name implies they fit onto your key ring

Litho Printed Cards

The demand of plastic cards is always on the rise due to the versatility and amount of benefits associated with their use

Identification Cards

Plastic Identification cards will serve as the vital tool that will reflect your professionalism in a striking way.

Membership Card

Membership card, plastic calling cards, plastic gift card producer, plastic insurance cards, plastic membership cards

POS System  Gift Cards

Pos system gift cards, printed plastic card, student id cards, tradeshow cards

Litho Printed Plastic Membership Cards

 Personalized Litho Printed Plastic Membership Cards with photos make it easy to identify members who are entitled to special privileges and services

Litho Printed Plastic Gold Membership  Card

Signature litho printed plastic gold membership card can help give your business gift cards a personal touch.

Quick Printed Plastic Cards

Quick Printed Plastic Cards, perfect match for your Short Run Litho membership cards

Thermal Printed  Cards

Thermal printed cards are being used for all types of marketing venues, they are becoming more and more popular

Frosted Cards

The 4 color process can also be used on frosted cards, and clear card printing.

Full-Color Plastic Card Printing

The uses for full- color plastic card printing are pretty much everywhere, gift cards to stores, restaurants, coffee shops, building supply stores, business cards, fund raising cards

Gift Card Printing

Adding gift card programs to your retail store can increase sales and boost revenue, that’s something to take a closer look into

Hotel Key Cards

Health care, insurance cards, hotel key cards, identity cards, promotional give away cards, gift cards there is a printed card for just about any application

Key Tag Printing

We can accommodate any of your card printing needs from key tag printing, loyalty card printing.

Medical Id Cards

Printed plastic cards used are everywhere, in every store you go into there are printed gift cards, the credit cards you use , printed id cards , membership key tags

Plastic Gift Card Printing

Compucard Inc can do all of your plastic gift card printing, we can print gift cards, loyalty cards, key tags, plastic cards, you name it we can print it

Printed Plastic Gift Cards

It is common knowledge that if you are a store owner and have printed plastic gift cards that will help gain your store more revenue

Custom Printed Silk Screen Cards

Do you need custom printed silk screened cards, for business cards, gift shop cards, then Compucard inc is the place

Compucard Inc. Site Map

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Many badge supplies are available in large quantities at lower costs by importing. Some items can be custom made or printed to exact specifications. Call for delivery times and quote.